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40,000 Germans Hold Anti-Coronavirus Protest Demanding Their Freedom Back!

Protests are building around the world as citizens begin to realize that COVID-19 is being used as a tool for governments and politicians to institute unprecedented revocation of the most basic of liberties and freedoms that citizens have taken for granted every day.

In Germany on Saturday, 40,000 protesters stormed the historic Reichstag building to protest the restrictions their government have placed upon them in the name of COVID. The people protested masks and for basic freedoms stolen from them in the supposed name of safety.

City authorities had tried to ban the event from happening but the event went on as planned. The government was appalled that social distancing and mask rules were not being followed. Berlin police confirmed they detained about 300 people from the rally.

When will Americans wake up and have the same spirit of resistance? When will American realize that they are having their very way of life taken from them in the name of supposed safety.

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