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Rally to Open America

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Do you agree that it’s time to reopen the economy and to show leaders across the nation that we will not agree to be locked up in our homes until they say it’s safe?

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    The Idea for a Rally

    I believe that many leaders across the cities and states of our country made the decision to issue “safer-at-home” or “shelter-in-place” orders with good intentions after hearing from members of the medical community who advise that these measures will save lives.

    I don’t think anyone doubts that the virus is a nasty disease and everyone is on the same page with using common sense behavior to help prevent its spread like good hand washing and being especially careful around seniors.

    Dr. Fauci has been asked when will be able to reopen the country and get people back to work? His response: when we have no new cases or deaths.

    At some point, we must ask ourselves what is the end game to all these lock down measures? Medical folks and government leaders are continuing to extend lock downs and are floating the idea that there may be “rolling” lock downs for the next 12 months, or until there is a vaccine!

    Our country cannot be shutdown any longer. As of last week, there were over 16 million unemployed Americans. There are lines miles long for food banks. Some states are requiring their citizens wear masks or be fined $1,000. Michigan’s governor issued an executive order stating that people can no longer visit other residences outside of their own. A Pennsylvania woman was ticketed for taking a joyride. A paddle boarder was arrested in California for being in the ocean by himself. And, of course, our economy has been utterly devastated.

    It’s time for us to band together to let leaders know that we cannot hide in our homes any longer no matter what the cost. Keeping the economy in shutdown or partial shutdown mode is not sustainable. The ripple effects from the economic destruction caused by the shutdown will be immeasurable. And, the basic civil liberties and rights (like the right to earn your livelihood or keep your restaurant open) we’ve so quickly handed over in the name of safety may be in jeopardy of returning if we do not speak up.

    I’m searching for a large outdoor area where we can all peacefully assemble and discuss all that’s going on today. The target date will be in two to three weeks.

    If you have interest in joining us, I hope you’ll submit the contact form on this page.

    God Bless the United States of America and #OPENAMERICANOW

    -Linc Austin

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