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What Would America look Like Under Biden’s Dystopian Rules for COVID?

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden made a rare exit from his basement to deliver a campaign speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Monday, August 31.

At the speech, Biden once again appeared very confused and incoherent and said that COVID has taken more lives than any other year for the past 100 years.

On top of Biden’s confusion, the setting for the campaign seems to be a representation of what Joe Biden would do to America under the guise of protecting people from COVID. The warehouse building where the speech took place was completely empty save for the 6 reporters who were confined to white detention circles, far away from the candidate himself.

This dystopian picture is what we’ve seen in places in some schools where children are not allowed to get near one another and must wear a mask all day. Schools have also used used lines to mark circles or squares in playground areas to keep children separated from their peers. The scenes resemble something out of the nightmare world imagined in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

This is what the Biden-Harris ticket wants for America…total control of your lives. They will continue to take freedom away from the people, all in the name of “science”. All of this for a virus that has a survival rate similar to the flu.

Just last week, Biden said in an interview that he would absolutely shut down the entire country if the scientists told him to do so.

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